Wines Tour of the Setúbal Peninsula 2023

VINIFY.UK was honoured to be a part of a selected group of UK importers on a wine tour of the Setúbal Peninsula

The Setúbal Peninsula is located in the southern part of the country, along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and it is highly regarded for its quality and unique characteristics

The Atlantic influence in the Setúbal Peninsula has a profound impact on the climate, the diversity of terroirs, with hills reaching up to 500 meters, and the character of the wines produced in the region. The Setúbal Peninsula enjoys a subtropical and Mediterranean mixed climate, influenced by the proximity of the sea and hills. 

It is important to mention that Portugal has more than 250 native grape varieties. In the Setúbal Peninsula, the most distinctive grapes are: Castelão, Moscatel de Setúbal, Moscatel Roxo, and Fernão Pires.

There are two denominations of origin (DO) and one geographical indication in the Setúbal Peninsula, as follows: 1. Geographical Indication (G.I.) 'Regional Wine of Setúbal,' which encompasses the entire district of Setúbal. 2. DO Setúbal covers a wide area in the Setúbal Peninsula, including both the Setúbal and Sesimbra municipalities. It is known for the production of various types of wine, including the renowned Moscatel de Setúbal sweet wine and Setúbal Red wines. 3. DO Palmela is a designation for wine production in the Palmela region of the Setúbal Peninsula. Palmela is known for its unique wine-producing heritage and is part of the larger Setúbal Peninsula.

As mentioned above, the combination of the maritime climate, specific grape varieties, and traditional winemaking techniques contributes to the production of high-quality wines with a distinct regional identity.  VINIFY was delighted to taste such wonderful wines.